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Vlad Dracula
Transylvania Trip October 1997

Romania MapJonny Ross' flight from Israel would be the last one to land in Bucharest the evening of Oct. 30, 1997. Heavy fog had blanketed southern Romania making landing extremely hazardous. Charter Flight 666 from Moscow, filled with 150 expats going to the 'Rest in Peace' Halloween Party in Dracula's Castle, was rerouted to a Black Sea port. By midnight, Jonny, Buck, and I had settled into an old Dacia taxi and began a four hour journey over the Carpathians to our hotel in Brasov, Transylvania. The foggy and icy conditions made going slow and our taxi broke down four times as we passed the mountains to arrive in Transylvania...

FULL Transylvania weekend itinerary


Going into Dracula's Castle for RIP Halloween Party

Me, Michael and Jonny in costume for party