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Current favorite Movies, Books and Music that you should buy here now. Please e-mail me some of your suggested inclusions.

Harold And Maude

Woody Allen Films
Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War, Peter Maass
Harold and Maude List Price: $14.95
My Price: $13.99

Classic black comedy by director Hal Ashby. Fantastic music by Cat Stevens and great performances from Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon. Wonderful.
Love and Death List Price: $14.99
My Price: $13.99

My personal favorite Woody Allen movies: Love and Death, Annie Hall, Crimes and Misdemeanors (DVD).
Fantastic, quick reading introduction to the conflict. Washington Post's Peter Maass from the center of the nightmare in Bosnia, a war correspondent's montage of images - eerie, grotesque, ironic, angry, absurd . GREAT!!!

The Source

Bill Bryson Books

Night Shift: Steven King
List Price: $6.99
My price: $5.59

Michener creates a magnificent and spellbinding expedition through the history of the Middle East. Incredibly engrossing and educational.
List Price: $10.00
My Price: $8.00
You Save: $2.00 (20%)

Great chronicles of travels in England, America and Europe. Cynical, naive and adolescent, Bryson is very funny.
The Matrix List Price: $7.99
My Price: $6.39

Spine tingling anthology of my favorite horror short stories. I also love Salem's Lot and The Shining.

Forget about It: Alison Krauss

Central Reservation: Beth Orton

On How Life Is: Macy Gray
List Price: $17.97
My Price:

This album is truly beautiful.."you can hear her soul being poured out to you as you listen"...fantastic..Listen to "Stay"..
List Price: $16.97
My Price: $12.99

Orton has a harder, folky edge. Great Listen to "Stolen Car"...
List Price: $17.97
My Price: $12.58

Gray has "solid foundation of retro funk and soul and builds on it by adding hip-hop signifiers and modern studio techniques" Excellent. Try "I Try"...