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Jonathan and Chris South American Adventure

Dec 17- 23 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Click for hotel and location info.Map of S. Brasil

Dec 23-26 Sao Paulohangliding in RioNew Year's eve in Praia

Dec 26- Jan 8 Praia do Rosa Click for more info.New Year's 2000Praia do Rosa Bargoing horsebackriding..

Jan 8- 11 Iguazu Falls Click to see hotel.

Jan 11 -16 Patagonia Glacier Adventure, Southern Argentina

Jan 16-23 Dique Lujan, Buenos Aires area New YearsUno at WillysAspiroWillys House

Jan 24- 28 Punta del Este, Uruguay

Jan 29- Feb 5 San Isidro, Buenos Aires

Feb 6th Back in LondonHRH Elizabeth