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Sarajevo and Croatia August 2000

Chris and I flew Lufthansa from London to Munich to Sarajevo Airport. We went to visit our friend Frane who has been the European Commission Spokesman in Sarajevo for the past 9 months. Sarajevo was fascinating-- exploring the streets and the markets, seeing the old synagogues, churches, and mosques, talking to people and learning about the 4 year siege and civil wars, understanding the regions topography and seeing the infamous cemeteries that sprouted up during the conflict.
We then drove 4 hours down to Split Croatia and on to Dubrovnik, a wonderfully preserved medieval city state. On the drive back from Dubrovnik, we crossed into the Serbian held area of Bosnia now called the Republic of Srpska. This charming region is definitely not noted for its support for international intellectual copyrights-- nor for its sense of humour. Just past the Croatian border, we went into a tiny makeshift CD store with a sign in Cyrillic saying Import/Export CDs where every CD cost 3 DM ($1.40) .They had everything-- jazz, blues, trance, dance, pop, classical, and all types of software stacked in cardboard boxes to the ceiling. We ended up buying 100 CDs at probably greatest, but most inconveniently located, CD store in the world.
The night life in Sarajevo basically consists of walking up and down the main pedestrian street 500 times, sitting in a cafe on this street sipping delicious Bosnian coffee (very similar to Turkish coffee), then going to bed at 11pm. Late night snacking, however, invariably involved the Bosnian speciality known as cavapchis which are chopped lamb kebabs with diced raw onions in this delicious spongy pita bread. I developed a strong attachment to these sandwiches.

Highly Recommended Reading: Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War, Peter Maass

Fantastic, quick reading introduction to the conflict. Washington Post's Peter Maass from the center of the nightmare in Bosnia, a war correspondent's montage of images - eerie, grotesque, ironic, angry, absurd . GREAT!!!
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Main Street, Sarajevo
Press Building
Cemetery overlooking National Library
Little happy kids with toy gun
Fun Fair, Sarajevo
Old Pigeon Food Lady
Bosnian Cafe

Old man Sarajevo

Pedestrian Street Sarajevo

Cemetery overlooking Olympics
"Lion" Cemetery

Me overlooking city

Castle, Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Croatia
Frane and Chris overlooking sea
Frane and Me in Mali Stan,Croatia
Newspaper salesman Split
Steep street Dubrovnik